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Chinese Fish Disease Technology Exceeds Japan

  • The backer eats the mountain while the sea eats the sea. In 2002, Haitou Town, Danzhou City, Hainan Province, saw the rise of an indoor aquaculture farm, which has grown to over 300 so far. However, there is an ordinary breeder in Haitou Town who has been breeding grouper in cement ponds for more than 10 years. He has a set of ability to control grouper diseases. As we all know, aquaculture has risks. According to the diseases of pearl and dragon gall fish, the outbreak of three kinds of critical diseases is very common:

    Blackbody disease (seedling): This disease is caused by intestines and stomach. Generally speaking, fish with gastroenteritis will not die, but they have not received effective drug treatment. Fish with poor resistance are easy to breed bacteria (Disease spreads rapidly and mortality is very high. These cases are mycotoxins, also known as viruses.). More than 200 fish are lost every day. There is no doubt that these fish have been infected with the virus. If infected fish are not treated in time, they may all die within a few days.

    White stool disease: In general, white stool fish will not die, even if their bodies are as thin as paper. However, if effective drugs are not used for a long time, fish with poor disease resistance are easy to breed bacteria. If about 100 fish die every day, besides killing the fish, there is no doubt that these fish have been infected with the virus.

    Rotten body diseases (there are many kinds of rotten diseases): grouper has strong vitality. Generally speaking, some rotten fish will not die. If effective drugs are not used for a long time, fish with poor resistance will be easily infected by bacteria. If 100 fish die every day, there is no doubt that the internal organs of the fish have been infected with the virus.

    The above problems show that few people can find effective drugs to inhibit the spread of three key diseases of grouper. According to many marine experts, there are no good drugs to prevent and treat leukemia at home and abroad.

    It is worth mentioning that in September 2019, due to seasonal climate change, external factors leading to aquatic animal diseases caused pearl and dragon gall fish to suffer from white stool disease or rot disease. Even many people have just bought pearl fish for breeding and have developed rot and white stool within a few days. Due to the outbreak of viral diseases and the lack of effective drug treatment, this disease has brought unprecedented economic losses to many people.

    It is hard to believe that there is an ordinary person in Haitou town who not only found different effective drugs to treat black body disease, white stool disease, putrefaction disease and other diseases, but also cured the disease. With such cultivation techniques, he does not happen to cure one or two kinds of fish suffering from serious diseases, but grouper can cure common serious diseases. Therefore, if his technology is second, no one dares to say first.

    Most importantly, based on more than ten years of breeding experience, he has overcome various diseases, such as blackbody disease, putrefaction disease and white stool disease. Incredibly, he used drugs to treat various serious diseases of grouper. At first, no one believed him and thought he was bragging. However, when he treated different diseases with drugs, he found that the fish disease was not only cured once (one-time drug), but also the sick fish recovered in a short time (even if 10,000 fish were missing every day, there would be no death unless they were killed). This medicine is more magical than "magic medicine", so many people call it "magic medicine".Let me ask who is more effective than the "panacea" in this therapeutic effect, so it makes no sense to say that China's technology surpasses Taiwan and Japan.


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