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18 million disaster relief funds unaccounted for

  • Another Letter of Complaint to Hainan Provincial Party Committee Secretary:
    On May 24, 2018, I complained to you. I didn't expect this letter to be forwarded to Haitou Town of Danzhou City for processing, and then it would be a mess.

    With regard to the letter of May 24, it was originally believed that since our petition filed a claim that all the funds for disaster relief of unknown destination should be distributed to the victims, the letter was forwarded to Haitou Town of Danzhou City for handling. Later we lodged a complaint with the governor of Hainan province, demanding that the corrupt officials be investigated for legal responsibility. unexpectedly, the complaint was still referred to haitou town of danzhou city for handling. so incompetent and disorderly, which play did the relevant personnel sing? Therefore, it reflects that "tigers" and "flies" are protected by officials and officials. It also reflects that Hainan's No.8 Typhoon "Dian Mu" in 2016. Danzhou city's disaster relief funds not only involve corruption in Haitou town government, but also involve municipal government officials and perhaps even bigger tigers.

    It is worth mentioning that the number of towns allocated by Danzhou City's more than 10 million yuan of relief funds has not yet been publicized (in violation of policies), and the presence of officials and officials in relevant units is very serious, which means that there are hidden secrets in the relief funds of Danzhou City as a whole due to Typhoon Dian Mu in 2016. For the benefit of the country and the Danzhou people, it is imperative to investigate the amount of relief funds provided by the Danzhou municipal government in 2016, and at the same time investigate the distribution and distribution of relief funds in various towns and villages in the city. 

    The above reflects that "tigers" and "flies" are strictly protected by the government. In response to President Xi's anti-corruption speech, "corrupt officials must be caught if they lend a helping hand." Therefore, it is hoped that Hainan provincial party Committee secretary will order relevant units to file a case and thoroughly investigate the distribution and distribution of "full" disaster relief funds in danzhou city in 2016. Of course, if the request is too high or illegal, it can be rejected within 15 days according to the relevant provisions of the petition regulations of the people's Republic of China. I hereby declare that it does not matter if the complaint is not taken seriously. We have enough time to postpone reporting to our superiors, shelve all complaints, and wait for the right time (treat withdrawal as an attack, making it difficult for tigers and flies to sleep at night). When the time comes, the bullet will be fired.


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