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Disaster Relief Funds: 703,000 Yuan Corrupt

  • The Hainan Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee of the CPC: According to the complaint letter dated April 18, 2019, "the complaint letter has been submitted to the Hainan Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee of the CPC", but no reply has been received for more than 15 days. This is totally flawed. According to July 2017, Haitou Town Government announced the release of 197,000 yuan of fishery breeding disaster relief funds, while Haitou Town Government received 200,000 yuan from Danzhou Municipal Oceanic and Fishery Administration and 700,000 yuan from the municipal government (because Haitou Town Government refused to disclose the funds, it may have hidden a large amount of hidden funds). According to the amount of funds, if the municipal government's 700,000 yuan does not include 200,000 yuan from the municipal oceanic and fishery bureau, then Haitou township government has received 900,000 yuan in relief funds, which is 703,000 yuan in corruption.
    It is worth mentioning that the flood of Typhoon "Dian Mu" flooded the villagers of Haitou Town (Xinshi) in 2016, with water levels as high as 1.8-1.9 meters and farmers' markets as high as 1.1 meters. A few months after the typhoon, some people in Haitou Town government said that the affected Haitou Town  (Xinshi) villagers planned to distribute 500 yuan or population-based relief funds to each family. However, corrupt officials are too black. The victims of 48  (Xinshi) villages in Haitou Town have not released relief funds, which means that 48  (Xinshi) village victims of relief funds are completely engulfed by corrupt officials.
    According to Article 21 of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Letters and Visits, ... shall decide whether to accept and notify the petitioner in writing within 15 days from the date of receiving the letters and visits referred or assigned. Therefore, is it because the relevant personnel of the CPC are busy with their work or are they regarded as trivial matters? It is worth noting that 1 million yuan is insignificant to corrupt officials in this society, but it is a huge sum to ordinary people, and the nature of corrupt officials engulfing disaster relief funds is serious. Therefore, I hope the relevant units will give a reply and let the affected people in Haitou know fairly well whether or not to accept today's petitions.
    The above reflects that the relevant personnel in Haitou town government are too greedy. according to the current figure, the unaccounted for disaster relief funds account for 78%, which means corrupt officials are very bad. For the benefit of hundreds of disaster victims, in order to recover disaster relief funds, in order to investigate the legal responsibility of relevant personnel. Therefore, I hope that the Hainan Provincial Discipline Inspection Committee of the CPC will pay attention to it and accept it, and it is urgent to file a case for investigation.


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